Sunday, 4 March 2012

What do Indians have to say about this?

A person learns quite fast when they have a computer at home," said Shashank Kumar, 21, a computer engineering student from Jodhpur, Bihar, who was one of five people selected in his northern state to travel to villages and demonstrate the device. "In just a few years people can even become hackers."

India, after raising literacy to about 78 per cent from 12 per cent when British rule ended, is now focusing on higher education with a 2020 goal of 30 per cent enrolment. Today, only 7 per cent of Indians graduate from high school.

"To every child in India I carry this message. Aim for the sky and beyond. There is nothing holding you back," Sibal said before distributing about 650 of the tablets to the students for free.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Indian 35 Dollar laptop is the Hivision Speedpad from China

In the latest development, it has come to light that the 35 dollar laptop unveiled by India is actually the China made Hivision Speedpad. The unit was first introduced at the 2010 CeBIT. It looks like India was planning to import the item in bulk, and since it was government subsidised, the $35 price tag. A bit of a disappointment really as most of us would have welcomed a home-grown product. The following video demonstrates the capabilities of the Speedpad, it's from 2010 and as soon as we get an update on the latest version, it will be posted.It currently retails at $99.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Indian 35 Dollar Laptop

You've got to hand it to India. It's time for the sceptics to shut up and head for the queue, cash in hand.
Ever since the one child one laptop, OLPC-F, it was obvious that a $100(targeted) laptop would'nt be feasible in the blossoming Indian economy. It had to very cost effective, so the logic be to produce it in an economy that thrived in that lower cost of living situation. Raw materials, manufacturing, labour - India has all of that in spades and has come a full 180 degrees compared to what it was 30 years ago. It's no secret that the best IT brains are from India. We always thought that the best manufacturing people were China - looks like things are changing. A 2000 dollar car, a 35 dollar laptop- what next? Here's the official release video in Delhi.

As you can see, it's a lovely device that's up to date, fully functional with audio/video out, usb, long battery life - as good as a product costing much more.
And it runs Android! The final operating has not been decided yet, but it's clear that it's comparable to anything at ten times the price.
We'll be closely following the development of this device and others like it.

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